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Newcastle for English Courses

ALOla Al Mustamer OCSMA Newcastle for English Courses, located in Tripoli, Libya is one of the leading schools in the country, it is specializes in teaching English languages to all ages, according to the student’s requirements.

Administratively following and being regularly monitored be a standard organization. OCSMA Newcastle was the first English language school in Libya to earn the ISO 9001/2008 Certificate and TESOL member.

WEprovide all levels, children courses and the TESOL (Teacher of English to speakers of other Languages) and certificate through professional teachers who are chosen and trained carefully to meet highest standards.

General English Courses

• Foundation
• Beginner A
• Beginner B
• Elementary A
• Elementary B

• Pre-intermediate
• Intermediate
• Upper Intermediate
• Advanced A
• Advanced B

thefoundation course is considered to be an introduction to the English language. It is taught in English and in Arabic to enable students to communicate in a simple manner in English.

thecourse ranging from the beginner A level to the advanced B are taught strictly in English where the students are only allowed to use English language to communicate with their teacher and colleagues.

thebox used Oxford New Headway and the courses cover Grammar, Listening and writing according to each level.

kIDS Courses

• Let’s go Begin (Foundation)
• Let’s go level 1,2,3,4,5,6

These courses target children between the ages of 7 years old and 13 years old, they enable the children to learn the basics of English language including Grammar, speaking, listening and writing in educational but also entertaining methods including Karaoke, movies, flash cards etc. On completion of the “Kids Courses” levels the students would be qualified to join the adults courses and continue from there.


OCSMA Newcastle is the first school in Libya to introduce this program; this program opens career and further educational opportunities for our students. It is a 120 hour preparation course and an exam (carried out annually) that enables the students to earn:

• Certificate of a teacher of English as an international language
• License of advance standing for teachers of international English
• License of teach international English

WEIn English language these license and certificate are life-long and need no renewal. They are approved worldwide where more than 90% of its obtainers got better professional opportunities.

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