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About the course:

Learning English language professionally without due respect to it’s culture roots is almost impossible, all languages in the world have been developed and still continue to develop through the literature traditions closely related to the customs of an originating country. And as we can see nowadays the number of English teachers and users is ever-increasing but can’t identify the professional members of this language.

The program has been designed by global TESOL authorities to license qualified teachers to teach English worldwide. Certificate applies to teachers from English speaking countries as well as from countries where English is not a mother tongue. Unfortunately, today due to the growing demand in English teachers most of unqualified teachers are being hired and this compromises the reputation and true value of real professional TESOL education system to avoid this precedent TEILC together with ACTFL (American Council on the teaching of foreign Languages-USA & Canada) issues certificates and license to teach English as proof of qualification and experience while verifying credentials of a teacher.

INorder to obtain the license, teachers must take the CETC (Certificate English Training) course accredited by TESOL. As the result of this training, teachers will pass the final qualifying test and acquire:

• Certificate of a teacher of English as an international language
• License of advance standing for teachers of international English
• License of teach international English


certificate and license prove that the holder meet internationally acceptable English teaching standards and can be hired by any school, college, university to teach EFL, ESL, ESOL, EIL worldwide. The certificate distinguishes the holder with and internationally acknowledge qualification I teaching English. Currently most of the countries in need of qualified teachers TEFL, TEIL, TESOL, TESL like USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Most of Middle east and European countries are reconsidering their criteria of hiring professionals where the license becomes the milestone to choose the best and secures the internationally set standards. "The students applying sets a 120 hours"

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